USB External Stereo Sound Adapter Gadget

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Hate to carry different ports for your microphone, audio, and USB? Too many wires and ports are very inconvenient and messy.

Here is the Airplane USB Adapter. It's a COOL Gadget that can use for the USB port, Microphone port, Audio port in ONE. No Driver required for Windows 98 SE/ME 2000/XP.Server 2003/Vista, Linux, Mac05. Included Xear 3D, the virtual 7.1 channel sound simulation software for Windows XP/Vista.

  • USB full speed Specification
  • USB Audio Device Class Specification
  • USB HIO Class Specification
  • USB Bus powered mode-No external power required
  • USB Type-A
  • Size: approx. (1.96" x 0.78" X 2.16" x 0.59")
  • This product takes between 14-21 days to arrive.