Eco-friendly Toilet Cleaning Brush

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Hate to clean the toilet? Cleaning tools can make it easy and less stressful to do the job, particularly toilet cleaning. It might not be your cup of tea and you prefer it to be your husband's job as I do. It makes even worse when the toilet cleaner has a bad odor because of unclean brush from the previous use. 

No more mess, no odor! Here is a brand new eco friendly Toilet Cleaning Brush. As people are more environmentally conscientious about what they buy and this new product is one of the eco friendly products you can find. Unlike most toilet ruff brushes, it made of Silicone TPR non-stick material that hair doesn't stick on to the brush. Even it comes with a hidden tweezer for hair in case, if there is any loose hair so you don't have to touch it. The brush holder has a suspended drain system for easy ventilation of the brush, so there is no more dirty smell. The soft rubber brush head is made of TPR flexible bristles and it cleans well deep into the brims and corners of the toilet. It's durable, easy to clean and highly efficient. It also built in a protective glaze on the brush that makes waterproof and more sanitary. You have two choices of the container with a brush; you can mount on the wall for easy storing, or put it on the floor. If you choose the wall-mounted one, peel and stick wall-mount hanger comes with the product. There is no damage to the wall.

If you hated to clean the toilet before, this new toilet cleaning brush will change your mind. 

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